Welding Safety

Welding is an established manufacturing process with known potential hazards. Potential safety hazards associated with arc welding include arc radiation, air contamination, electrical shock, fire and explosion, compressed gases, and other hazards. Robots were originally designed to perform the job functions of a human. They were designed to relieve humans of the drudgery of unpleasant, fatiguing, or repetitive tasks and also to remove humans from a potentially hazardous environment. In this regard, robots can replace humans in the performance of dangerous jobs and are considered beneficial for preventing industrial accidents. On the other hand, robots have caused fatal accidents.

The introduction of robots requires appropriate safety features in order to protect both those working directly with the robot and others in the workshop who may not be aware of its potential dangers. This can be provided in a number of ways.

One of the best solutions for robot safety is to purchase a complete welding cell from a robotic integrator . A complete cell includes barriers, all necessary safety devices, and a method of loading and unloading the workstation.

Each robot installation must be carefully planned from safety viewpoint to eliminate hazards. When the robot is in operation it is necessary that people remain outside the work envelope. Barriers or fences should be in place around the robot. All doors and maintenance openings must be protected by safety switches, and the weld areas must be safe guarded so that the power is immediately removed from the robot when a door is opened.. Emergency stop buttons should be  placed on all operator panels, robot cabinets and robot programming panels. Barriers must be designed to completely surround the robot and eliminate the possibility of people climbing over or under to get inside the barrier. Signal lights must be arranged on the robot or in the robot area to indicate that the robot is powered. 




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