Arc Welding Power Sources

A welding power source must deliver controllable current at a voltage according to the requirements ofESAB power source the welding process. Normally, the power required is from 10 to 35 V and from 5 to 500 A. The various welding processes and procedures have specific arc characteristics that demand specific outputs of the welding machine.

Automatic arc welding machines may require power sources more complex than those used for semi-automated welding. An automatic welding machine usually electronically communicates with the power source to control the welding power program for optimum performance. A power source for arc welding is designed to provide electric power of the proper values and characteristics to maintain a stable arc suitable for welding. 

 There are three types of arc welding power sources, distinguished according to their staticLINCOLN power source characteristics output curve. The constant-power (CP) is the conventional type of power source that has been used for many years for shielded metal arc welding using stick electrodes. It can be used for submerged arc welding and gas tungsten arc welding.  The constant-voltage (CV) power source is the type normally used for gas metal arc and flux cored arc welding using small-diameter electrode wire. The constant-current (CC) power source is normally used for gas tungsten arc and plasma arc welding. 

The selection of a welding power source is based onFRONIUS power source

  1. The process or processes to be used

  2. The amount of current required

  3. The power available at the job site

  4. Economic factors and convenience




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