Spot welding swivel

A major advancement in resistance spot welding is the swivel. This unit permits passage of compressed air, cooling water, electric current and signals through different channels within a single rotating unit. 

This invention greatly improves total efficiency of robotic spot-weld installations. Electrical connection between swivel and transformer is minimal thus permitting maximum utilization of access to spot-weld areas.

Basic advantages are:

  • Less work space needed -No mass of cables and hoses hanging from the robot arm, resulting in floorspace economy.

  • Improved accessability - Since no limitation on the robot wrist caused by any cables or hoses.

  • Improved safety - Greatly improved safety factors through reduction of air, electric and water lines; now limited to quick-connect piping, and hoses within robot arm.

  • Saving in capital equipment - Compact weld-gun assembly accessable to areas formly blocked by transformer, cables, and controlboxes. More welds per station means big savings through fewer work stations and less capital equipment.

  • Reduced try-out costs - No un-defined cables exist on the robot, which reduces programming time to minimum. True off-line programming is now a reality.




The swivel, which fits directly onto the weld-gun fixture plate without any hoses or cables, ensures the highest quality condition of the spot-weld. No electrical degeneration on cables and no hoses that wear.




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